We are proud to have worked with these outstanding entrepreneurs over the years:


Anchange Productions, Producers of 'Palo Alto' the movie.

Ben Savage (Boy Meets World), Johnny Lewis (The O.C.), Justin Mentell (Boston Legal) and Aaron Ashmore (Smallville) are hometown buddies in hilarious pursuit of some action on their last night of college break. With Tom Arnold as an offbeat school bus driver and mentor, the guys turn their quiet suburban town upside down as they throw caution to the wind, try to hook up with some hotties and kick some butt in this coming-of-age adventure. What happens, they never could have predicted. What they learn will change their lives forever. 

Bluefox.io : Detect. Analyze. Influence.

Bluefox gives retail stores and any type of brick-and-mortar location knowledge on traffic, from those who pass by to visitors. BlueFox is simple and unlike any other solutions which rely on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and apps. Those simply only capture a portion of the foot traffic. BlueFox detects mobile phones of visitors in real time, seamlessly, without any installed software on the device, and initiates targeted actions.

Clipstar, Where mobile videos spread

People all over the world use Clipstar to make videos - Vlogging, Singing, Performing, Beauty, Dancing, Acting, Comedy, Pranks, Short films, Babies, Animals, Traveling, Inspiration, Life, School, Educational, Sports and much Subscribe to amazing creators it’s a new way to experience the world 3 minutes at a time. Videos get re-shared by the Clipstar community for a chance to go viral via the popular page generating millions.

Know More. Know Why. Know How.

Merged with BrandWatch (UK).

Understand what the online conversation really means for your brand. Our VoxTrot Listening Platform distills meaning with mathematical precision from the cloudy torrent of opinion, information and data available online. Crimson Hexagon's VoxTrot listening platform provides companies with actionable insight into consumer opinion of their brand, product, or market. VoxTrot technology can identify opinion from large quantities of text, whether it's an in-house content repository or the vast blogosphere.


Fido enables the harnessing the Internet of Humans, going through all social media, forums, blogs and reviews (almost any written text in English), performing the cognitive work of understanding and extracting what matters.

Fab is a design-focused company...

Sold to pch international

...dedicated to helping our customers discover fun and unique products. Our buyers are constantly seeking out the most exciting new artists and designers of accessories, accent pieces, and eye-catching tech products. At Fab, it's our mission to bring personality to every corner of your life.

Cover Song Licensing. Digital Distribution.


Loudr connects music lovers, creators, and enablers through modern rights and distribution solutions for the ever-evolving music marketplace.

The platform behind today's most effective mobile campaigns.

Sold to Upland Software (NASDAQ: UPLD)

The Mobile Commons platform offers all the tools you need to achieve instant results with text messaging. Whether you’re raising money, enrolling people in healthcare, or driving more viewer tune-in, our wide range of features and flexible API lets you build a text message solution that meets your goals.

A pioneer in Web Production & Distribution.

My Damn Channel is an entertainment studio and distributor of premium content, founded in 2007. The company creates original series for the Internet and television – including comedy, unscripted reality and live variety programming featuring established and emerging talent. My Damn Channel has produced hundreds of hours of original, critically-acclaimed and award-winning programming.

Online Advertising for Mass Brands

The On & Off platform delivers what brands want. Combines the scale of the internet with the metrics and efficiencies of Open TV. Our managed service model utilizes proprietary technology to do this at scale. Displays real-time impression analytics, validated reach and frequency data.



advanced algorithms & architecturE for geometric computation

Parallel Geometry Inc. (aka LLGeometry) is an IP-intensive company leveraging more than 20 years of applied research in mathematics, spatial information and parallel computing. The company, founded in 2005, is a pioneer in the creation of advanced algorithms & system architectures for geometric computation and data-intensive modeling, simulation and applications. 

Making advanced simulation technology easy to use.

Pixelux Entertainment has developed a technology called Digital Molecular Matter (D.M.M.) which makes it possible to assign the molecular properties of virtually any substance to any virtual object. In other words, doors can be made to splinter like oak, bend like soft steel, or shatter like glass with a remarkable level of realism. LucasArts' "The Force Unleashed" introduces new behavioral simulation programs, including Pixelux' Digital Molecular Matter, which adds complex new variables to gameplay.

An Open Platform for Telephony Innovation.

Sold to BT (NYSE:BT)

We call Ribbit "Silicon Valley's First Phone Company," not because the world needs a new phone company, but because it needs a new kind of phone company. The Ribbit team is made up of a unique combination of telephony, computer and internet professionals who have come together to create a whole type of phone company built to behave in an entirely new way.


The Simple360 Platform provides Consumer Scoring and Analytics to identify those individuals most likely to need, want, purchase and renew insurance coverage for Disability, Critical Illness and simple Term Life policies.

Your (unofficial) best man.

We will feed you the right information at the right time to keep you out of the doghouse and, perhaps, even impress your bride. In an industry that is wholly focused on the bride, The Plunge addresses the needs of the other half of the equation. With advice written for men by men...

Working out has never been easier.

(Sold to Weight Watchers International - NYSE:WTW)

People want to be fit, but lack time and motivation. Enter Wello. Wello is changing the way that people workout and stay fit. We bring fitness professionals and consumers together over live, 2-way video for accessible, affordable, accountable workouts. Wello helps consumers overcome the inherent challenges of getting fit – lack of time and motivation. Additionally, it addresses the major challenges faced by fitness professionals - difficulty sourcing new clients and filling mid-day hours.