• Early stage funding and senior management support for new companies and great ideas.

    Founded, funded and managed by a team of seasoned executives from Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Hollywood, we strive to bring financing, mentoring and managerial guidance to diverse bright minds with relevant and timely products or services.

  • Our principals have experience in Senior Management, Finance, Marketing and Technology.

    Former and sitting Chief Executive Officers Founding CTO at Silicon Valley startups with successful IPOs Seasoned investment bankers in Corporate Finance and M&A Expertise in web design and deployment International Finance and Multi-National management
  • PhilQuo Ventures is present
    in major financial, technology and media capitals.

    In these strategic global centers, we simultaneously source capital and uncover promising investment opportunities. Our partners include individuals, money managers and investment funds.

Financial Services For Diverse Entrepreneurial Teams With Momentum


In a changing world driven by innovation, fresh ideas can emerge from within existing investments. Your portfolio is ever more driven by M&A strategies. The PhilQuo Ventures group is constantly evaluating prospective partners for our portfolio companies.


Whether your great new thing is based on proprietary technology, a creative concept, or an exciting new business model, we are interested in hearing from you. Executive summaries and business plans are quickly evaluated to make you aware of our potential interest.

Growing Companies

Our core business is providing and/or arranging funding for early stage companies who have demonstrated a successful track record in bringing products and services from the drawing board to the marketplace. If your business has achieved these milestones, we would like to hear from you.